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If you are not totally new to sports betting, you might have heard of accumulators. So, where can you practice them in Uganda? 1xBet is just the right kind of place. Learn all about the bookmaker’s accumulators, their types, rules, associated bonuses, and betting tricks.     

A Word About the 1xBet Terms Section

A Word About the 1xBet Terms Section

An accumulator is one of a myriad of concepts used in wagering. It is difficult to master sports betting without knowing all the related terms and their meaning. 1xBet provides an abundant knowledge base to help its customers sort things out.

The terms and conditions section of the website is where you can find answers to all of your questions. It encompasses definitions, betting rules and typology, and clarifications and caveats for each sport and gambling activity.

Our team has dug deeper into the 1xBet terms used in betting and their meaning in a separate article, which we also invite you to read.

What Is an Accumulator Bet in 1xBet?

An accumulator, or more simply, an acca, is the second bet type after a single wager in terms of complexity. Unlike a single, an accumulator consists of more than one selection. These multiple selections are often referred to as legs. 

How Does an Accumulator Bet Work?

1xBet How Does an Accumulator Bet Work?

The bookie’s accas are easy enough to understand and utilize, but before you embark upon them, you should nail down a few essential points.

Key Point #1

The selections included in an accumulator must relate to different sporting events.

Key Point #2

An acca’s return is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds of all legs in the acca. 

Key Point #3

An acca succeeds if all legs win, and vice versa, an acca fails if at least one selection loses. 

Types of an Accumulator Bet

The typology of accumulative wagers is straightforward: they differ in the number of predictions. For example, a double is a wager that combines two events; a treble involves three selections; a four-fold acca is a bet consisting of four pickings; and so on.

The more games you add to your online ticket, the more legs your accumulator has, which means the bigger payout you can get.

1xBet Accumulator Betting Rules

Very soon, we will tell you how exactly to make accumulative predictions on the betting site, but for now, let us look at the basic rules of the company regarding this type of wagering.

  • The minimum and maximum stake limits are set individually based on selections.
  • If an acca’s selections have diverse maximum stake limits, the lowest one applies.
  • Once confirmed, an accumulator is accepted and cannot be changed or canceled.
  • Any canceled selection or selections are not included in the settlement of the acca.
  • Accumulative wagers may be revoked for any dishonest behavior and manipulation.

Check out the website’s T&C section for a comprehensive list of rules and regulations. 

How to Place an Accumulator Bet on 1xBet

How to Place an Accumulator Bet on 1xBet

Preparation for accumulator betting requires opening an account and funding it. But to ensure you have no questions left, we will elaborate on each stage, starting from the very beginning.

Get your welcome bonus now

1xBet How to Place an Accumulator Bet Guide

  • Create an Account

    Go to “REGISTRATION” and create an account, specifying your mobile number and other details. You will be prompted to enter a captcha code and a confirmation code during signup.

  • Fund the Account

    Log in with your credentials and proceed to “DEPOSIT.” You will be offered several payment methods. Select your preferred one and follow the hints to deposit money into your account.

  • Make Your Pickings

    Pick at least 2 sports events happening in real-time, today or any other day. Add the amount of your stake, considering the set limits, and click “PLACE A BET” to confirm your wager.

How to Claim the 1xBet Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator of the Day is a traditional bonus bookmaking companies frequently offer. 1xBet has this promotion under its belt, too. The bonus boosts the odds in case your pre-selected event predictions are correct.

However, the Acca of the Day promo is currently out of stock on the bookie’s Ugandan portal. Should you feel sad about that? Not at all, because there is a wonderful alternative — Accumulator Battle. 

The Battle is a promotional campaign with awesome prizes drawn every month. Here is what you basically need to do to participate in this bonus offering and claim the prizes:

  • Place accas. The more, the better.
  • Earn points for wagering during the month.
  • Get on the leaderboard and win awards.

The prizes are gorgeous Apple and Samsung products, free spins, and bonus points.  

Tips for Placing 1xBet Accumulative Bets 

Tips for Placing 1xBet Accumulative Bets 

Let us conclude with a few practical tips. These pointers will help you make your accumulative wagers work to their fullest potential. 

Pointer #1

Accumulators promise very tempting gains, but there are high risks, too. Place stakes sensibly and only after a preliminary detailed study of the teams playing.

Pointer #2

Feel free to use acca calculators to be confident in your computations and possible benefits. You will get an exact return by entering the number of selections, stake sum, and odds size. 

Pointer #3

Wagers with a bunch of legs can have exorbitant odds. But placing them is definitely not the safest way to go. Playing a little at a time can provide you with more stable profits.

Pointer #4

Being flexible and versatile is another good strategy. Stop focusing solely on hackneyed markets and a single sport like football. Try new options and diversify your slip.

Pointer #5

Scrutinize the bookmaker’s rules and take advantage of all the features applicable to wagering on accumulators. These include a bet slip sale, bet insurance, and slip editing. 

Concluding Thoughts

1xBet Concluding Thoughts

Your 1xBet wager becomes accumulative as soon as you add a second event to your ticket. With each new selection, your potential gains soar. You will receive a payout if all of your accumulator picks succeed. And there is every chance of that with our handy tips in mind.

Questions and Answers

What is an anti-accumulator bet in 1xBet?

The prerequisites for an anti-accumulator are the same as for a conventional acca: there must be two or more picks on different events. But the winning conditions are the opposite:  

your anti-accumulator wins if at least one selection fails. 

Is an accumulator a good bet?

An accumulator is one of the most widespread options among punters that can benefit you a lot if you choose the right approach. For instance, you can avoid risks and increase your chances of winning by picking fewer legs and staking on disciplines you are at home with.

Are accumulators worth it?

Accumulator betting can be highly lucrative, thanks to the odds accumulating in one slip and generating enormous returns. However, you need to play carefully and always remember that even a single losing leg results in the failure of the entire wager.


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