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We know how challenging it can be to start something new without a helping hand, especially when it comes to sports betting. That’s precisely why we are here—knowing the 1xBet bookmaker is our job. After thorough consideration and listening to your questions, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive FAQ section about betting on sports in Uganda with 1xBet. Our team of dedicated experts is constantly updating the list of burning questions and covering new topics about the 1xBet company as they arise. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you didn’t find your question on this page—we’ll make sure to add it.


  • How to register on 1xBet?

    Registering on the sportsbook is very simple! Just navigate to the site and tap on “REGISTRATION.”

  • How to register on 1xBet in Uganda?

    Visit the official company’s site and look for the “REGISTRATION” button, then tap on it and proceed with the registration procedure.

  • How to activate my phone number on 1xBet?

    Your phone should be validated via SMS after finalizing the registration process.

  • How to fill a personal profile in 1xBet?

    Navigate to your personal profile and look for the edit icon.

  • How to recover my 1xBet account ID?

    Tap “Log in” and then “Forgot your password”, follow the instructions.

  • How to login on 1xBet?

    Navigate to the official site and tap on “Log in” at the top of the page.

  • How to login on 1xBet without Google Authenticator?

    Open the main menu and pick "Security Options" to disable the Google Authenticator function.

  • How to withdraw money from 1xBet?

    You may take out your funds by navigating to your personal profile.

  • How to withdraw funds from 1xBet via mobile money?

    You may learn about this specific method by checking our article concerning how to withdraw money from 1xBet via mobile money.

  • How to cash out on 1xBet?

    You must first access the page that lists the history of your pending bets in order to do so, then authorize the transaction.

  • How long does the 1xBet withdrawal take?

    From 15 minutes to an hour.

  • How to withdraw money from a 1xBet bonus account (1xBet bonus winnings)?

    We may recommend you to have a look at our article concerning how to use 1xBet bonus account.

  • How to withdraw money from 1xBet via SMS?

    Tap and send W#amount#password to the 29021 telephone number.

  • What is the maximum payout for 1xBet?

    There are no stated payout limits on the site.

  • How to get the 1xBet promo code?

    You may obtain a promo code by joining the platform and making a first deposit.

  • What is the promo code of 1xBet registration?

    It is a promotional offer that grants you a certain amount of free bets you may use on the platform.

  • What is the promo code for 1xBet in Uganda?

    If you wish to learn more about promotional offers you may check our article concerning 1xBet promo codes.

  • How to use the 1xBet promo code?

    Pick a promo code from the official Promo Code Store, then enter the number of bonus points you intend to spend.

  • How does 1xBet promo code work?

    Since this subject is very vast we recommend you check our article about what is the 1xBet promo code.

  • How to bet on 1xBet?

    Betting on 1xBet is very simple! You must only register on the site, make a first deposit and that’s all.

  • How to use 1xBet?

    1xBet works the same way as any other sportsbook. Members deposit funds, stake on sports, and earn prizes.

  • How to check my betslip on 1xBet?

    Navigate to the “Useful Links” tab and tap on “bet slip check.”

  • How to play 1xBet and win?

    Always keep your head cool and stick to winning strategies.

  • What is double chance on 1xBet?

    Double chance is a type of bet that permits members to double the probability of their winning.

  • What is a chain bet on 1xBet?

    A chain bet is a wager that combines aspects of parlays and systems.

  • What is a lucky bet on 1xBet?

    It is a multiple wager involving 4 choices, totaling 15 individual wagers among those.

  • How to rebet on 1xBet?

    Sadly, it is not possible at the moment.

  • What is an advance bet on 1xBet?

    It is a bet in which there are four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.

  • What is a system bet on 1xBet and how does it work?

    It is a form of wager that enables betting on a range of occasions and outcomes; it can have anywhere from three to twenty wagers on distinct events.

  • How to bet on the 1xBet app?

    The betting process in the application is absolutely the same as on the site.

  • What is w1 and w2 and x on 1xBet football?

    If you wish to learn about different types of bets on the site we may recommend you check our article concerning how to place a bet on 1xBet.

  • What happens when a game is postponed on 1xBet?

    Normally, the original wager and odds will stand and simply roll over to the new date and time.

  • How to use a bonus on 1xBet?

    In case you are interested in learning more about bonuses we may recommend you read our article regarding the bonus wagering procedure in 1xBet.

  • How to get a 1xBet bonus?

    Bonuses may be obtained in different ways, such as registering on the platform, participating in specific prize draws or playing games.

  • How to get free money on 1xBet?

    You may obtain free bets by participating in different promotional offers or prize draws.

  • How to use the bonus account on 1xBet?

    Select “Change account” in your personal profile in order to switch to your bonus account.

  • What is bonus wagering in 1xBet?

    We may recommend you to look at the detailed description of the process by reading our article concerning 1xBet bonus wagering requirements.

  • How to use the first deposit bonus in 1xBet?

    This bonus may be applied to any sports bet of your wish.

  • How to deposit on 1xBet using MTN mobile money?

    Tap on ''MTN mobile money'' when depositing, enter the amount you want to invest and tap on the confirmation button.

  • How to deposit on 1xBet?

    You may deposit from your personal profile.

  • How to change currency on 1xBet?

    Navigate to the settings of your personal account.

  • How to deposit on 1xBet using a USSD code?

    Dial your bank’s code on your cellular and follow the given instructions.

  • How to deposit money on 1xBet from a Visa card?

    When depositing, pick the “Visa” card as a payment method and follow the instructions.

  • How to deposit on 1xBet using Airtel money?

    Select “Airtel money” as a payment method while depositing your funds on the platform.

  • How to use the 1xBet app?

    The 1xBet app has exactly the same functions as the desktop site.

  • How to download 1xBet?

    The 1xBet application is accessible for both iOS and Android gadgets and may be downloaded from the official site.

  • How to install 1xBet on an iPhone?

    Navigate to the official site and look for the mobile application tab. You will notice a link that will permit you to download the application, tap on it and proceed with the installation.

  • What is 1xBet?

    1xBet is a sports betting company that provides wagering services as well as Casino games.

  • Why is 1xBet not opening (not working)?

    If the platform has ceased to work properly we may recommend you to get in touch with the 1xBet support team.

  • What is document series in 1xBet?

    It is the key documentation needed for certain operations in the 1xBet personal account.


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