Modified: March 3, 2023

The following privacy notice (referred to as “The Privacy Policy”) for personal data applies to the data that 1xBet Uganda obtains about The User while they browse (and any of its subdomains), use its resources, or interact with its programs or goods.

Objectives of User Personal Data Collection

The following circumstances allow the Administration to use the User’s personal data:

  • Recognizing the User who has registered with 1xBet Uganda in order to obtain his consent and execute additional steps.
  • Permitting 1xBet website visitors to get customized information and services.
  • Keeping in touch with the User which means sending notifications and alerts, getting assistance with utilizing the 1xBet Uganda website, and responding to any further questions and suggestions.
  • Defining the User’s precise location in order to ensure security and prevent fraud.
  • Approval and validation of the accuracy of the user’s personal information that they have submitted on the website.
  • The development of a user profile that the customer may use to access different services on the 1xBet Uganda website.
  • Email notifications to the client.
  • Supplying the User with the appropriate technical guidance and assistance whenever concerns or problems with the 1xBet Uganda platform surface.
  • Distributing to the User promotional offers, newsletters, and other items from 1xBet Uganda with his consent.

General Provisions

  • By using the 1xBet Uganda site, the сustomer agrees to this privacy statement and the regulations governing the use of their personal data.
  • The User better cease using any services offered by the 1xBet Uganda platform if they disagree with the privacy policy’s guiding principles.
  • The 1xBet Uganda website has accepted the obligation to abide by the guidelines of this privacy statement. By clicking on the links on the 1xBet Uganda website, users may explore third-party websites; however, the Site has no control over these webpages and is not liable for their content.
  • The Administration does not verify the accuracy of the user-submitted private information.

Privacy Policy Subject

When users sign up for a 1xBet Uganda account or subscribe to a mailing list, the administration requests their personal information. The Administration’s obligations with regard to the confidentiality of individual information and the non-disclosure of personal data are outlined in this privacy notice.

Clients may submit personal information by filling out any of the forms on the 1xBet Uganda website; this data will then be managed in the ways described in this privacy notice. This specific information can include:

  • either the client’s first name, last name, or patronymic;
  • customer’s telephone number;
  • the customer’s email address
  • address of the client, if applicable;
  • image or photo of the User (if considered necessary).

When a client uses a given area of the website, the 1xBet Uganda network secures their unique IP address, cookie information, access time, browser history, referrer, and other automatically transmitted data (or any previous pages).

Rights and Obligations of All Parties

The User is permitted to:

  • Make all decisions on the provision of personal information necessary to access the 1xBet Uganda platform, as well as the decision of whether to agree to its storage, completely at your discretion.
  • Edit, update, or add information if the data has recently experienced changes or transformations.
  • Ask the administration for detailed information on how personal data is treated if such a privilege is granted.
  • If personal information was improperly collected, is inaccurate, out-of-date, or not relevant, the User may request that the administration review the data and ban or delete it.
  • Adopt the required legal measures to uphold and defend their own rights.

The Administration should:

  • Use the data only as permitted by the privacy statement.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of any information obtained.
  • Before trading, selling, or otherwise making accessible any personally identifiable information, get the user’s prior written authorization. not to reveal any information that could be used to trace a specific individual.
  • Take the required security precautions in accordance with the protocol used to secure this type of data in commercial transactions to ensure the User’s personal information security.
  • Private information pertaining to the User may be restrained upon the request of the User, his legal representative, or an authorized agency for the protection of private data during the period of verification in the event that incorrect personal data or evidence of criminal activity is noticed.

Methods and Terms of Processing Personal Information

Notwithstanding the use of automation technologies, using personal data information systems is a lawful and time-unlimited method of handling the User’s private information.

The User’s private information may only be accessed by lawful, reliable businesses and government entities.

The administration may make the choice not to inform the user if private information has been compromised or leaked.

The Administration implements the necessary administrative and technical security measures to stop unauthorized or unintentional access, loss, modification, disclosure, blocking, copying, distribution, and other criminal acts.

In cooperation with the User, the Administration makes every effort to limit the harm caused by the loss or leak of the User’s personal data.

Dispute Resolution

  • In the case of a conflict between the User and the Administration, the User shall first provide a detailed plan or electronic proposal for a solution.
  • The recipient shall notify the claimant in writing or digitally of the result of the complaint within thirty (30) days of the date the claim was approved.
  • If a resolution cannot be achieved, the case must be decided by the arbitration court.
  • This Privacy Statement and any communications between the User and the Administration shall be subject to all applicable laws.

Responsibility of the Parties

  • Except in certain circumstances, the Administration is legally responsible for all damages incurred by the User as a result of the unauthorized use of personal data.
  • Any loss or leak of private data is not the responsibility of the administration.
  • It was open for anyone to see before it was lost.
  • Information was previously acquired from a third source and given to The Administration.
  • The User consented to the distribution to the public.
  • All applicable laws, including but not limited to those regulating advertising, copyright protection, related rights, trademark and service mark preservation, as well as rules regarding the design and content of contents, must be adhered solely by the User.
  • The User is therefore notified that, while accessing the 1xBet Uganda platform, all data files, conversations, and other content shall remain the property of their respective owners.
  • The User is completely aware that any material he accesses through the 1xBet Uganda website may be subject to the intellectual rights of other Users, collaborators, or partners that publish content there. The owners of the content must officially and in writing grant the User permission to do so in accordance with the terms of a separate agreement before the User is permitted to rent, alter, transmit on a loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works using the material (in whole or in part).
  • Public domain 1xBet Uganda website content and articles may be distributed with a link to the original source.
  • The deletion, failure to store, or impossibility of retrieval of any information or other communication data on the 1xBet Uganda website or transferred over it will not subject the Administration to liability for any difficulty or damage the User may experience as a result.
  • The administration clearly and categorically excludes all liability for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of, or the inability to use, the website or any of its services, from third-party statements written on the website, from third-party access to User communications, or from any other cause.
  • Any material, including but not limited to copyright-protected data, that a user contributes to the 1xBet Uganda website without the owner’s permission is not subject to administration control.

Definition of Terms

The following terminology is employed in the Privacy Policy:

  • “Site Administration” (referred to as “The Administration”) – the qualified personnel in charge of handling and managing any private information on the 1xBet Uganda website. They also have the power to determine the intent of any operations (activities) involving personal information.
  • “Personal Data” – is used to describe information or directly or indirectly identify a certain or well-known person (subject of personal data).
  • “Processing of Personal Data” – whether or not automated technologies are used, operations involving the use of private data including gathering, systematizing, aggregating, storing, defining, extracting, using, and transferring data.
  • “Confidentiality of Personal Data” – an assurance by the administration or anybody else in charge of the data to keep it private, unless revelation is mandated by law or the subject willingly consents.
  • “1xBet Uganda” – a list of websites that are reachable through the 1xBet domain and its subdomains.
  • “Subdomains” – a group of pages with the third-level domain 1xBet Uganda that each have additional pages as well as the administration’s contact information.
  • “User of the 1xBet Uganda website” (referred to as “the User”) – a person who uses the 1xBet Uganda website’s information, products, and resources.
  • “Cookies” – a piece of information that is gathered and saved by the web server and then sent by the user’s gadget or computer to the web server every time they access a page from a related website using an HTTP request.
  • “IP address” – a unique network address supplied to a computer network node that a user connects to in order to visit the website.

Additional Terms

This privacy notice may be amended by the administration without the user being informed. Unless otherwise mentioned in the most recent version, the updated Privacy Policy comes into force as of the day it is uploaded on the 1xBet Uganda website. Please send any inquiries or worries you may have about our privacy statement to The most recent version of this website’s privacy notice may be found at .