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Aviator has stood among the trendiest games for a couple of years for now. Its popularity continues to grow. It mainly happens because of the simple rules of this crash game and the huge chance to win. 

It is a product of the famous Spribe company. Its concept is also based on randomly generated patterns that create a curve for the plane. The game has an impressive RTP rate of over 97%, which is so attractive for Ugandan punters. 

The 1xBet platform cooperates with reputable producers of gaming software, so players can stop worrying that this game is illegal or bad. It is offered on many major platforms, and 1xBet gladly offers it to its registered punters.

1xBet Online Casino Review

The 1xBet platform has a massive set of games. The whole collection is divided into several categories displayed on the website. Punters can find card games, like poker, slots, and some special games, like Aviator.

As with any other game, 1xBet online game Aviator has its perks and downsides. Some of the features may be hard to notice at first sight. However, our team asked experienced players and tested the game ourselves. And the following part of the review will show you all the pitfalls and profitable features of this game.

  • Huge game selection
  • Regular updates
  • Well-known gaming providers
  • Fast and smooth play
  • High RTP levels
  • A huge number of bonuses and promotions
  • Live dealer games
  • Honest play
  • Slow support response
  • Lots of bonuses that are easy to confuse

That is not much compared to the list of pluses the casino can offer. However, these downsides can be insignificant to many punters. One of the most valuable and appreciated sides of a great online casino is its support and legitimacy.

How to Start Playing Aviator Game at 1xBet Casino

If you decide to join the Aviator game, you would need to know how you can start. That is why we will supply you with full instructions. Do not worry. It is a one-minute read. But you will get a full picture from the beginning to the end.

  1. Open an official 1xBet website and log into your account or register if you are new here. Then find a game on the upper navigation panel. It is located in the “More” category and “Other Games” subsections. Click it to be redirected to a new page.
  2. Select Aviator, among other games. You will see the gaming interface with several boxes. Indicate a sum you wish to bet and click on the green button to confirm your choice. You can also make two bets at the same time and submit both of them.
  3. Wait until the round begins and keep an eye on the plane that took off and is gaining altitude. Click the “Cashout” button when you think it is time. The more the altitude is, the bigger the multiplier. Hurry up to click the “Cashout” before the plane flies away and you lose your bets.

1xBet Aviator Tricks & Tips

1xBet Aviator Tricks & Tips

Aviator fans know many tricks of how they can win it more often and more profitably. We played the game ourselves and interviewed experienced punters and gambling experts. Now we are ready to reveal some tips to you.

High Bets

Many players stick to the knowledge that each time they lose, they need to double their new stake. Therefore finally, when they win, their losses will be compensated with the amount of the reward. Such a strategy is called Martingale.

Low Bets

Others prefer to make low bets and cash out until the multiplier reaches x1 number. Their goal is to win smaller amounts but lose nothing. However, we should warn you that this tactic has a chance to exist but does not always work as planned. 

Sometimes the plane takes off, and in a couple of seconds, it is already gone leaving all the doubtful bettors penniless. More experienced punters came to the conclusion that such an option can be calculated. According to their research, the game makes such short rounds at certain periods, so it is not a huge problem to monitor them.

Double Bets

Aviator provides all bettors with an opportunity to wager simultaneously with two bets. Such an option allows you to cash out two times. When a plane is gaining altitude, you can do it at certain points you previously calculated. Therefore your chance to win something is bigger than with one bet.

Statistical Strategy

This strategy is partially connected to all the tactics we mentioned above. Everything, according to the view of skilled bettors, requires calculations. The generator decides when the plane should fly away, so it makes the game more interesting. However, even the machine patterns can repeat themselves. That is where all punters agree; they can trick the game.

Do a little research and see the statistics of previous games. Luckily it is available on the gaming interface. You can look at the end multipliers when the plane made its final ascend and make some conclusions regarding the following round.

Why Play 1xBet Aviator?

It is a great question. Aviator gained popularity right after its release. Players found out about its high RTP rate and gladly started exploring this new entertainment. So the reasons why you should play Aviator are clear:

  • A high percentage of wins
  • Has several workable strategies
  • Allows to win in the shortest possible time
  • Provides test games without any spending.

However, each player can have their own reasons for why they should play this game. We only underline the aspects other punters already noticed, and some of them succeeded.

1xBet Mobile Site Aviator Demo

The developers of Aviator grant punters an excellent opportunity to test the game and play for in-game currency instead of betting with their money. To try to play the demo version of the Aviator, open the game on your device or in any browser and switch to “Demo.” 

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The demo is even available to players who are not signed up. They have to visit the 1xBet website and find the game among others to place their first stake with virtual money. Besides, if you still wish to know more details, you can click on the “How to play?” icon.

How to Play Aviator at 1xBet on Mobile Phone

If you prefer to gamble and bet via your mobile phone, nothing can stop you. The 1xBet platform has a wonderful functional app. It can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices. If your phone is a bit older and does not support the app, you can open 1xBet via any mobile browser. 

The platform’s website is fully adaptive, so any punter can find the game and comfortably play it. Aviator is also accessible on any portable device. You can make bets and monitor the plane without any problems.

Benefits of 1xBet Aviator Games

Let’s start with the good news. Check out the following benefits of the game to decide whether it is worth trying:

  1. Huge rewards. As it was already mentioned, Aviator provides one of the highest RTP rates. It promises you a huge fortune if you manage to grab the biggest multiplier before the plane flies away. You have to make a move to cash out all your winnings before that happens.
  2. Clear rules. The game has very comprehensible regulations. It poses no complex task, so even beginners will find out how to play it right at the beginning.
  3. Double betting. You can make two simultaneous bets and increase your reward. 
  4. Demo play. Each punter can play a demo version to see how it works before they start betting for real money. 
  5. Auto cashout. If you set this parameter, you wouldn’t have to worry about the multiplier. Each time it reaches a particular number you previously set, a cashout will happen automatically.

Such a great set of features and options allows punters to get a perfect experience and try different combinations of actions. So, such freedom allows each bettor to test and observe various strategies and tactics.


Aviator game 1xBet is a great opportunity to win more everything. Each round, you can win small amounts by placing low bets. Besides, the game offers multiple strategies and approaches, so it definitely can enhance your betting skills and develop your knowledge.


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