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All bettors have one common goal: getting winnings to increase their capital. In virtual betting, various factors influence the final amount of profit. To place a bet, a player must objectively assess the risks, study the history of games and the history of bets, and consider the size of the winning percentage. The last factor is significant because the amount won directly depends on it. This review will look at the odds on the 1xBet platform.

Brief Information About 1xBet

Brief Information About 1xBet

Bookmaker 1xBet is one of those companies offering the highest sports betting odds. The playground has a wide range of options, representing over forty different areas in the world of sports. Registered bettors also have the opportunity to place bets on eSports betting and place bets on the outcome of political events or talk shows.

One of the main advantages of the bookmaker is its thoughtful and extensive bonus program. Users receive bonus funds, cashback, free bets, and other profitable promotions. At the same time, bonuses are provided for all bettors; there is even a separate program for eSports fans. You can read more about this in the 1xBet online betting review. There, you will find all the necessary information and descriptions of all functions.

What Does Baseline Odds Mean in 1xBet

Using odds, bookmakers, including 1xBet, numerically display the probability of a particular result for a given sporting event. What do betting odds mean? The coefficient itself is a number that is a kind of prediction by the bookmaker regarding the match’s outcome. The higher the winning percentage offered by 1xBet, the lower the probability of a particular event.

Assessing the odds level allows the bettor to predict the potential winning amount. In practice, there are three main formats of winning percentage:

  • In European format, the online bookmaker indicates odds for sporting events in decimal numbers: 1.55, 1.91, 2.5, and the like. The player should use the formula – 100 divided by the size of the specified odd to determine the probability of a particular match outcome using decimal odds. The result will be the probability percentage, taking into account the margin.
  • The British format uses fractions, which display the potential profit amount concerning the bet’s size. When converting fractional odds into the decimal format familiar to players, you must divide the numerator by the denominator and add one to the resulting amount.
  • American format includes amounts with a plus or minus sign. If the odds are unfavorable, its value indicates how much the bettor needs to bet to get one hundred conventional units. If a positive coefficient is shown, the size of the possible winnings for a bet equals one hundred traditional units.

The 1xBet website most often uses a decimal system to display the winning percentage. Players can also encounter American, English, Malay, and even Hong Kong formats for displaying odds. At the same time, the online bookmaker forms the size of each odd based on assessing the probability of a particular outcome and the margin. 

The bettor’s winnings directly depend on the size of the coefficient, provided that the deal is successful.

Features of Baseline Odds in 1xBet

Features of Baseline Odds in 1xBet

In general, the characteristics of the base odds depend on the event. However, general patterns can be seen across the platform.


We can safely say that the winning percentage on the 1xBet bookmaker’s website is one of the company’s significant advantages. As a rule, the margin is relatively low, and its indicator starts at one point seventy-six hundredths, but it can reach four percent in unpopular markets.

A feature of the online bookmaker can also be considered that the values of the odds the company sets for equal matches range from one point ninety-two hundredths to one point ninety-eight hundredths.


In principle, it cannot be said that the winning percentage on the 1xBet platform has disadvantages. However, some bettors note that the bookmaker quickly adapts odds thanks to solid analytics. It does not allow you to play at an inflated winning percentage. In addition, 1xBet is a large bookmaker that does not need to attract bettors by artificially increasing the winning percentage. Therefore, do not expect anything extraordinary for significant events.

How to Calculate Baseline Odds in 1xBet: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Calculate Baseline Odds in 1xBet: A Step-by-Step Guide

The bookmaker is directly involved in calculating the winning percentage. Players don’t have to go into detail. However, you must understand how to evaluate the attractiveness of an offer. To do this, we have compiled step-by-step instructions.

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Step 1

Decide on odds. For analysis, you need to select one system. Western users often use the American system, but you can choose any convenient one.

Step 2

Assess the probability. Essentially, odds are a numerical expression of the likelihood of a particular outcome. Use the formula P = 1 / K, where K is the odds and P is the probability. Thus, if you see an indicator of 1.66, the bookmaker estimates the probability to be 60%.

Step 3

Compare your score with your assessment of the outcome. You can place a bet if your opinion coincides with the bookmaker’s assessment.

Step 4

Pay attention to the bookmaker’s margin and factor it into your calculations. This way, you will understand how much money you will receive due to your winnings.

How to Maximize Your Winnings with Base Odds at 1xBet

How to Maximize Your Winnings with Base Odds at 1xBet

Many experienced players understand the importance of tracking changes in odds. It allows you to choose the most exciting game and make a successful bet with minimal risk of loss. Two main strategies take into account changes in odds:

  • Falling strategy: the essence is to observe and record a decrease in the level of the odds for a particular event. If quotes fall by ten to twenty percent, this may indicate that the bookmaker has essential information about the team’s composition. In this case, placing a bet on the team for which the online bookmaker has reduced the winning percentage is worth it.
  • The increasing strategy is a tactic in which it is necessary to observe the initial more or less equality of two rival teams. If, during the game, the bettor sees that the bookmaker has begun to increase the odds for one of the teams, then it is worth taking a risk and betting on a potential outsider, whose winning percentage, as a rule, will be 2.0 higher.

If a user of the 1xBet bookmaker notices that the odds in the game have not changed for the better, then you can do the following. For example, a bettor prefers a particular team but is not satisfied with the size of the odds. In this case, you can use the “Final odds” option and specify the value that you consider acceptable. Thus, the bet will be automatically accepted when the 1xBet odds reach the specified amount. The bet will only be accepted if the percentage level reaches such a quote.


1xBet Conclusion

The ability to understand odds and calculate them is necessary for any bettor. It is the only way to win and make a profit. So don’t neglect this information and take the time to learn the basics. Then, you can easily choose the most profitable events for betting.


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