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100% Bonus on the first deposit up to 1250000 UGX

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Bonuses come in different shapes and sizes. After all, they are a pretty functional way to attract new customers to your platform. Some of them target only newcomers since they’re a fresh audience and new money is coming in. At the same time, the others also work for regular customers, essentially ensuring that their loyalty pays off.

1xBet is a large, popular, and international betting platform with thousands of active daily users and many features. So, nothing is surprising about the platform offering different bonuses. In this article, we plan to examine how the 1xBet Birthday bonus works in Uganda. This promotion usually means that loyal users will receive a gift from a platform on their birthday. We will check out how it works and what it can offer the punters and look at other 1xBet bonuses. Let’s go.

1xBet Bonuses

As we already stated, 1xBet is a large platform with many features. Whatever you think a betting platform could offer, 1xBet does. And we can confidently say the same about bonuses: the platform provides plenty of promotions, boosts, and bonuses for different kinds of users. Below are just some of them.

  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Lucky Friday Bonus
  • No Risk Bet

And that is far from the complete list. Moreover, the platform has a dedicated promo code store that you can use to exchange your accumulated bonus points for free bets. But there are even more options. If you want to learn more about any 1xBet bonus in Uganda, we recommend checking out our dedicated article on the matter. It includes all the needed information about promotions available on the platform, and plenty of those exist.

Birthday Bonus Review

1xBet Birthday Bonus Review

1xBet Birthday Bonus is one of the most straightforward promotions out there. It’s very simple in its nature: you can receive a free bet on your birthday as a promo code. No other special requirements apart from having an active account and staying up-to-date with your contact information are needed.

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How to Get the 1xBet Birthday Bonus

As we already stated, the process is as streamlined as it gets. If you are an active customer with the updated contact information, then on your birthday, you will receive an SMS message on the phone number you registered with. It will include a promo code that you can use to receive a free bet on 1xBet. No specific wagering requirements exist, and the bonus size differs individually based on your activity.

How to Activate 1xBet Birthday Bonus

After receiving a message, you can use the promo code it includes. You can enter it by visiting the platform’s Promo Code Store. The code includes a free bet that you can place on any event you like. Each Birthday Bonus differs, so its size and conditions are not set in stone.

Possible Problems With Getting 1xBet Birthday Bonus

No system is perfect, so even getting a straightforward promotion, such as a Birthday Bonus, on a well-designed and polished platform, such as 1xBet Uganda, is possible. Fortunately, the issues are rare and not difficult to solve. Let’s take a look at how you can do it exactly. We will cover this in the next two sections.

Entering Incorrect Promo Code

This issue is probably the most obvious one: entering the wrong promo code. We recommend double-checking the information you are inputting. If the code you are inputting is correct, then it is time to contact customer care service. They will solve your issues or resend the code.

Not Receiving an SMS Message

In some cases, you might not receive a message. This is another issue you will have to solve. Below are some possible reasons and ways to deal with them.

  • Your contact information is not updated. This is the most obvious cause of trouble: you cannot receive an SMS if the phone number you provided is not active. In this case, we recommend contacting customer care service after changing your phone number to the one you are actively using.
  • There are issues on the technical side of things. So, something does not allow the platform to send you a message. Since waiting is not an option because your birthday does not last forever, we recommend contacting customer care service again in this case.
  • You’re not active enough. If you only recently joined 1xBet or rarely place bets, then the service might conclude that you should not get the gift yet. In this case, we can only recommend being more active so your loyalty can pay off.

As you can see, the list of potential causes is short, and they are all solvable. In all cases, we recommend contacting customer support since they likely have all of the needed information and access to technical data.


Conclusion 1xBet

Seeing a platform offering bonuses for new customers and regulars is always great. And it is especially nice to receive one on your birthday. Not many platforms offer this type of promotion, but 1xBet definitely does. In this article, we explained how it works.

The verdict is that it is easy to receive, does not have specific wagering requirements, and any active user can enjoy this bonus on their birthday. In fact, you do not even have to do anything to receive it; just bet regularly and make sure you update your contact information.


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