How to Unhide Bet History in 1xBet

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A skillful approach to betting involves a great deal of self-control and self-analysis. Therefore, well-functioning sportsbooks offer users an exclusive opportunity to check their past stakes and reflect on previous strategies. Let’s take a closer look at one of such platforms. 

How to Bet 

1xBet is currently a leading bookmaker across the field worldwide. The company promises a regularly updated set of games and events to suit any punter. Of course, gifts and bonuses are awarded daily based on how much each user spends. In this world full of unique winning opportunities, it is essential to learn how to wager on 1xBet quickly yet responsibly.

Continue reading this article to understand how the stake history can be viewed on 1xBet. 

How to View Bet History

How to View Bet History 1xBet

The process of viewing the bet records is quite straightforward. All you need for the procedure is a valid 1xBet account and a few minutes of your time.

How to View Bet History 1xBet

  • Enter the 1xBet Site

    The official Uganda 1xBet website will be limited to Ugandan bettors, so make sure you find the only official and licensed site available.

  • Open My Account

    Once you have opened the website, log in by entering your personal details, such as phone number and password. Once logged in, click “My Account” in the user panel to find the necessary sections for the next step.

  • Navigate to Bet History

    The section of interest can be found among other essential options, such as “Deposit” and “Transaction History.” 

  • Select the Bet Type

    The Bet History will offer several options to choose from based on the type of bet you are interested in.

  • On the website
  • TOTO
  • In betting shops
  • Unsettled bets
  • Baseline odds

Feel free to regulate the wagers’ period and adjust any other necessary details.  

Bet History on 1xBet 

Bet History on 1xBet 

The bet archive contains all of the users’ detailed bet information from various sections of the platform. The option of viewing your wagering records can play a defining role in your overall 1xBet experience. The feature allows users to carefully reflect on their gambling journey with objective data within specific time frames. 

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Skillful Approach

An in-depth analysis of past wagering can be crucial in enhancing your ultimate betting strategy. Look for successful bets, including the type of event, odds, and sports season of the win. At the same time, take note of any disadvantageous punting options or losing championships.

Downloading the History

You may want to install the information for future reference offline. It can be done by clicking the “Request History” option in the Bet History section. You will receive a copy of the requested data.

Useful Information

You will have access to the most relevant and beneficial information in the account records.

  • Date of the Transaction: Knowing the exact period is the first step in planning a successful betting strategy. Some sports seasons are more profitable than others, so it is wise to keep note of the optimal dates.
  • Selected Sport: You can make conclusions about the sports of your choice, especially if you notice a trend of one being more or less successful than others.
  • Type of Odds: A crucial detail to keep track of for a detailed wagering review. Experiment with different types of bets to find the optimal version.
  • Sum Wagered: Analyze your financial report to avoid any huge losses or missing out on great profit opportunities. 
  • Event Outcome: Most importantly, you can manage your winning or losing streak by taking note of your progress. 1xBet Betting History allows for optimal financial management with a clear display of all wins and losses. 

Final Words

Final Words 1xBet

As you can see, using one of 1xBet’s most beneficial features is fairly simple. The Betting History option displays all valuable data for the platform’s users to develop their own optimal wagering strategy. Read our guide to discover the quickest way to enhance your betting experience!


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