What Does a Lucky Bet Mean in 1xBet?

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A broad betting assortment is one of the ways 1xBet wins players over in Uganda. Besides the ubiquitous single and accumulator bets, the online bookmaker has a plethora of options to choose from. In this post, we will consider one of them closely—the intriguing Lucky bet.   

An Outline of the Betting Terms Section

1xBet An Outline of the Betting Terms Section

Once on the site, you will be swept off your feet by the first-rate entertainment that abounds in every tab. “SPORTS,” “LIVE,” “PROMO,” “CASINO,” the list goes on. But first things first, so prior to getting into the gambling fun, ensure to check out the terms and conditions.

The bookmaker clears things up in the T&C section, explaining every notion and defining every term. Apart from many other concepts, here, you will find out what the regular time of a sports match and what wager is treated as canceled.

Would you like a close-up of the bookie’s betting terms and their meaning? Read our other article on the subject.

What Is a Lucky Bet in 1xBet?

A Lucky Bet is a multiple with special conditions. It combines singles and all possible accumulators for a particular set of selections. 

The Key Highlights of a Lucky Bet in 1xBet

The Key Highlights of a Lucky Bet in 1xBet

To bet and win on a Lucky at 1xBet, you should know the company’s rules regarding this type of wagering. We can highlight the following features in the first place.

Highlight #1

There must be at least 2 selections per Lucky.

Highlight #2

The number of selections must be at most 8.

Highlight #3

If at least one pick is successful, the payout is yours.

A Real-World Example of Settling a Lucky 

If you have not got the hang of it yet, fret not! Everything becomes more apparent with practice. That is why we will look at a real example of a Lucky Bet and its settlement. Let us make the following four selections from the UEFA Champions League football events.

1Copenhagen vs. Manchester City1X2/Draw 6.15
2Lazio vs. Bayern Munich1X2/Bayern Munich  1.594
3Porto vs. Arsenal1X2/Porto 4.525
4Napoli vs. BarcelonaTotal/Total Over 3 2.05

4 selections per ticket mean a classic Lucky 15, that is, a Lucky with 15 possible wagers, namely:

  • 4 singles,
  • 6 doubles,
  • 4 trebles,
  • 1 fourfold acca.

Since many numbers are involved, understanding the potential gain requires a calculator. The first thing to do is to calculate the stake size per wager. So, if you stake 300 UGX, then 300/15 = 20 UGX. 

To calculate the return on each wager, you need to multiply the stake amount by all associated odds. The table below shows examples of the returns on one single, one double, one treble, and the fourfold selection from our Lucky.

Copenhagen vs. Manchester City6.15 x 20 UGX = 123 UGX
Porto vs. Arsenal + Napoli vs. Barcelona(4.525 x 2.05) x 20 UGX = 185.52 UGX
Lazio vs. Bayern Munich + Porto vs. Arsenal + Napoli vs. Barcelona(1.594 x 4.525 x 2.05) x 20 UGX = 295.72 UGX
Copenhagen vs. Manchester City + Lazio vs. Bayern Munich + Porto vs. Arsenal + Napoli vs. Barcelona
(6.15 x 1.594 x 4.525 x 2.05) x 20 UGX = 1,818.72 UGX

If one selection, say a draw in Copenhagen vs. Manchester City, wins, but all other predictions fail, you still get your winnings, that is, 6.15 x 20 UGX = 123 UGX. If all singles succeed, your entire Lucky comes off, and the returns on all wagers are totaled.  

How to Place a Lucky at 1xBet

How to Place a Lucky at 1xBet

We will show you the way if you wish to become a happy punter through a Lucky bet. The prerequisites for unregistered users are legal age, active Ugandan phone number and email, and a valid ID document.

Get your welcome bonus now

1xBet How to Place a Lucky guide

  • Sign Into Your Account

    Log in to the 1xBet Uganda website if you are a registered customer or sign up using correct and up-to-date personal data. Remember to verify your account and fill out your profile.

  • Top up Your Balance

    Visit the site’s section with deposits, select the appropriate mobile payment method, and add some money to your account. Heed the prompts and the limits on deposit amounts.

  • Make Your Lucky Picks

    Make 2 to 8 selections from the “SPORTS” or “LIVE” tab. Opt for “Lucky” from the drop-down menu on your slip, enter the stake amount, and place your wager by clicking the button.

More Things to Know About Lucky Bets

1xBet More Things to Know About Lucky Bets

Now, you are ready to try out an exciting new betting experience. As a bonus read, here are a few more things to make up the big picture and help you succeed. 

Hint #1

Too low odds will not bring you tangible profits. At least stick to the golden mean and always check the probable winnings before confirming a wager to make sure it is actually worth it.  

Hint #2

Calculating winnings may be both confusing and time-consuming. To save yourself the trouble, use a free online calculator, which will instantly generate the potential profit from your wager.

Hint #3

All sports, markets, and odds available at 1xBet are eligible for placing lucky wagers. Choose what you are really good at, do some additional research, and go for it. 

Hint #4

Study all the information related to the events you are going to stake on. Keep up to date with the latest developments around the teams to know what kind of form they are in.

Concluding Points

1xBet Concluding Points

So, here are the takeaways. Lucky is a wager type, meaning a combined prediction on singles and all associated accamulators. You will get paid even if one selection wins. Also, you can earn a tidy sum by placing a Lucky at 1xBet Uganda, thanks to the best odds offered.


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