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You probably have already heard about 1xBet, the betting platform that makes everyone crazy because of its gigantic sports collection, user-friendly services, and outstanding sports betting options. However, you should know that this company doesn’t focus only on sports.

1xBet is one of those betting platforms that abounds in a multitude of betting opportunities and virtual money games, and “Money Wheel” is one of those great chances to win a lot of cash. The rules are pretty simple, just as in most 1xBet online games, but the prizes are huge! We suggest taking a detailed look at this game and reviewing its main characteristics.

About 1XBet Online Games

Since 1xBet is a very diverse platform with a lot of different gambling options, it also offers excellent online money games that are simple to understand and permit bettors to profit from a multitude of ways to diversify their classic sports betting experience on the website. 

Speaking of casino games and slot machines accessible on the website, they indeed are very diverse and attract the attention of members in a matter of seconds. The website offers lots of new, colorful, and dynamic games but also has a great collection of old-school entertainment for those users that are more into the classic and sophisticated type of gambling and prefer “Poker” or “Baccarat.”

“Money Wheel” is probably the most modern 1xBet gambling game provided by the platform. It is very colorful and simple to use. 

How to Play Money Wheel in 1xBet?

How to Play Money Wheel in 1xBet?

If you wish to play Money Wheel on the 1xBet platform, then we may assure you that this game will not take you more than a few seconds to understand since it is very simply designed and effortless to get into. However, even though this game is quite simplistic, we still decided to develop a quick guide for our readers to familiarize themselves with the rules better. 

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Open Games

Obviously, the first thing you will be required to do is log into your personal account and navigate to the “Games” section on the platform. You should easily be able to find it on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Money Wheel

Scroll the page until you locate the “Money Wheel” game. Press on it and wait for the game to load.


Enter the amount of money you wish to place on the selected section of the wheel where you think the arrow will lend. When done, simply spin the wheel and wait for it to stop and land on a section. If it lands in the section you picked, then you win! 

Money Wheel Game Rules

It is natural for each game to have its own specific rules that should be followed by the players in order to profit correctly from it. However, the rules for the “Money Wheel” are very simple, which shouldn’t cause any problems even for beginners willing to participate in the activity. Let’s take a look at them!

Minimum and Maximum

Before beginning to play, you should be aware that the maximum amount of money you can place on the “Money Wheel” is 444764 UGX, and the minimum amount is 900 UGX. 

If you are not ready to invest at least 900 UGX in the game, then you will not be able to profit from it. 


Every sector you pick on the wheel contains specific odds, and depending on the section where the arrow lands, the sum you invested will be multiplied by these precise odds. 


To conclude, we may surely affirm that the “Money Wheel” on 1xBet is very entertaining and permits bettors to earn huge prizes. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sports betting and will, without a doubt, suit those bettors who wish to diversify their betting journey on the website. It is an easy and rapid way to have fun while making cash and will surely please every user of the platform.

In this article, we gathered most of the primary information regarding the “Money Wheel” game on 1xBet, but if you wish to learn more about it, then feel free to check out the FAQ below. 


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