What does Moneyline mean in sports betting?

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What is a moneyline? There are plenty of popular betting markets in the wagering world, but not all of them are easy to understand. Thankfully, moneylines are one of the most straightforward things in betting, and learning what they are is a quick process.

In this article, we will find out what moneylines are, how they work, and what they can offer players. We will even provide some examples and explain everything in greater detail. Let’s start.

A Glossary of Betting Terms

A Glossary of Betting Terms 1xBet

The betting world is a whole of different terms and words that might not be clear and obvious to newcomers. To make matters even more complicated, some of these involve concepts that are difficult to describe without proper examples. Below are just some of them.

Over/unders. This type of wager involves betting on a number of points accumulated during an event. Those might make up a complete score or some partial results. Betting on a total number exceeding certain points is called “over.” For example, if you’re placing an “Over 3.5” bet on a football game’s total score, you’re expecting the game’s score to go higher than 3.5. If you’re placing an “under” bet, then everything works oppositely, and you will win if the score doesn’t go higher than the number mentioned.

Handicap. These wagers involve putting one of the opposing teams or players at a virtual disadvantage, usually to make things more fair, especially in cases when one of the opponents is stronger than the other. In the world of football, this can mean one team having to score an additional goal or two just to get to the 0:0 result.

Both Teams to Score. A popular football betting type, this one implies placing wagers on the fact that both teams will score at least one goal during a match. If only one of them scores or none does, then this bet loses. Another alternative is a GG/NG wager that exists on some platforms. In this case, GG means at least one team placing a goal, while “NG” means that none will.

Multiple bet. They are alternatively called accumulators or parlays. Unlike the three previous points, they’re not a betting market but are a type of a wager. They involve adding several selections into one full bet. The good thing is that these offer quite great returns. And a downside is that parlays are generally riskier compared to single bets.

This is far from a complete list of existing betting options and types one may find on any wagering platform, especially the ones rich with markets such as 1xBet. If you want to learn more about them, you can check out our dedicated article on the matter and learn more. For example, you will find more info about the platform’s betting terms and meaning in the article.

What Is a Moneyline Bet?

Moneylines are the most common and one of the simplest types of wagers. They involve betting on three possible outcomes: a win by either opponent or a draw. This level of simplicity is actually what makes this wager extremely popular and present at all existing bookmakers. Moneylines are also often called “1X2,” with “1” and “2” standing for the home and away teams, respectively. And, of course, “X” means draw.

Some betting markets are pretty similar to moneylines in their nature but have significant differences. For example, a “Draw no Bet” wager works virtually the same as 1×2, but with one caveat: the bet is void if the game ends in a draw.

How Does a Moneyline Wager Work?

How Does a Moneyline Wager Work? 1xBet

There’s nothing complicated about a moneyline bet. The wager is as straightforward as one can be. You simply try to predict one of three possible outcomes: the winning of the home team or player, the victory of an away team, or the game ending in a draw. There are no “buts” or “ifs.” This doesn’t mean that winning this wager is always easy. Things might turn quite unpredictably, even in the most clear cases. But simplicity certainly makes this market quite accessible.

Moneyline Odds

Due to the overall simplicity of this betting market, placing a single moneyline wager doesn’t involve any difficulty in calculating your winnings. The odds follow a similar formula: the higher they are, the less likely the market is to win.

How good the odds are can differ significantly from one platform to another. Luckily for 1xBet customers, the bookmaker offers some of the best ones on the market. And even in worst-case scenarios, they’re usually pretty much similar to what the competition provides.

How to Make a Moneyline Bet

How to Make a Moneyline Bet 1xBet

The process of placing a moneyline wager on any event is quite easy. Let’s take a look at how you can do so at 1xBet.

  1. Go to the website via your PC or mobile device.
  2. Log in.
  3. Take a look at the list of disciplines.
  4. Pick one to bet on.
  5. Check out the existing events and find the one you want to wager on.
  6. Among the list of available markets, pick the moneylines, where you can select one of two teams or players winning or a draw.
  7. If you like the odds, hit the market you like.
  8. You will see the betslip appear.
  9. Enter your stake and place a wager.
  10. All done.

A Moneyline Example

Moneylines are common and easy to explain. Let’s imagine one example of it.

We will take a look at a hypothetical match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Such a game would be viral, and many platforms would fiercely compete with each other, trying to offer better odds for all markets.

A money line in such a case would imply betting on either FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. And, of course, there’s a third option: a draw. Which market will have higher odds will depend on many factors, including public favorability, player lineups, and the performances of each club during the season.


Conclusion 1xBet

If you plan to start betting, then learning about the most common wagering markets is excellent. And moneylines are a good start since they’re the most popular betting market and over/unders. They’re incredibly straightforward in nature, but getting a deeper understanding of some of their nuances can go a long way.

With their popularity level, you can expect to see moneylines on literally every platform. Of course, 1xBet is among those. In this article, we covered how this wagering market works on this bookmaker and provided a tutorial on placing this bet. We even included descriptions of other markets you can encounter on the wagering platform.


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