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Sports betting is fun. And the more-the-merrier approach works here, too. So the more selections you make, the more fun — and money! — you can get. 1xBet is one of the top-flight bookmakers in Uganda, where you can multiply your earnings. How exactly? Read on!       

The Betting Terms Section in Brief

1xBet The Betting Terms Section in Brief

The full-fledged sportsbook includes numerous sports, each with oodles of tournaments and competitions. Plus, every sporting event comes with tons of betting markets. They can go over 1,000 for popular sports such as football. To top it all, there are a bunch of bet types. 

Handling all of the above could have been really challenging but for the elaborate terms and conditions section on the betting site. The T&Cs cover all terms, meanings, rules, restrictions, and intricacies to mentor you on your journey from a rookie to an ace.

You can find the 1xBet betting terms explained in our post on the bookmaker’s terminology.

What Is a Multi Bet at 1xBet?

A multi bet is one of the concepts described in the T&C section. It is a type of wager that you can place on the website. A multi bet, or multibet in the bookie’s spelling, may consist of the following selections or legs:

  • singles – wagers on one outcome of a particular sports match;
  • accumulators – wagers on the outcomes of several different matches.

At 1xBet, you can place a multi with or without a Lobby bet – an outcome deciding whether a multi wins or loses. So, a multi with a Lobby is made up of the following:

  • a Lobby – a single or an accumulator.
  • a system – a wager with several selections.

How Does a Multi Bet Work at 1xBet?

Whether a Lobby is there or not determines how the multi works and what the punter will take home, if anything at all. By the bookmaker’s rules, your multi must contain a minimum of three selections except for a Lobby.

Now, let us look at various multiwagering scenarios and their possible results.

A multi with a Lobby

The Lobby is lost.The entire wager is lost.
The system is lost.The entire wager is lost.
The Lobby and at least one leg of the system succeed.The wager succeeds.The product of the Lobby odds by the odds of the system’s winning legs and the stake on one leg of the system.

Without a Lobby, your wager will be regarded as a system, even if it only consists of singles. Accordingly, all the rules common for system betting will apply.

What Benefits Do Multiple Bets Offer?

1xBet What Benefits Do Multiple Bets Offer?

The most evident benefit of these wagers is the potential to raise the payout significantly. Placing multis gives you a chance to win really large by staking very small. Such kind of wagering allows you to put your eggs in multiple baskets and better manage your risks. 

Here are what other benefits you gain.

  • The ability to combine various events and diversify strategies.
  • The opportunity to make a profit, even if not all legs come off.
  • The possibility of a thoughtful decision made without rushing. 

An Example of Multibet Settlements 

Once you are comfortable with the theory, it is time to get practical. We will show you how a multi works in a real-life example. Let us imagine you have created the following online ticket at 1xBet:


600 UGX


Outcome Options

1xBet Outcome Options

Now, we will consider four possible developments based on your slip.

Option #1

The Lobby comes up short; therefore, the slip is not winning.

Option #2

The three-legged system fails, so the slip comes up empty.

Option #3

The Lobby comes through, and one leg in the system wins. Congrats! Let us calculate the winnings: 

  • 600 UGX / 3 = 200 UGX
  • 1.79  x (1.53 x 4.4) = 12.05
  • 12.05 x 200 UGX = 2,410 UGX

Option #4

It is your lucky day! Both the Lobby and the whole three-legged system succeed. Here is what awaits you as wins:  

  • 600 UGX / 3 = 200 UGX
  • 1.79 ((1.53 x 1.68) + (1.53 x 4.4) + (1.68 x 4.4)) = 29.88
  • 29.88 x 200 UGX = 5,976 UGX

How to Place a Multi Bet at 1xBet

How to Place a Multi Bet at 1xBet
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Now that you can do the math, the only thing left is getting instructions on placing a multi on the gambling site. We will gladly walk you through each step in detail.

1xBet How to place multi bet guide

  • Head to the Website

    Navigate to the official website of 1xBet Uganda and log in. If you do not have an account yet, sign up using your active phone number, ID, and other personal information.

  • Deposit Some Money

    Fund your account so that you have enough money to play. You can turn to any convenient mobile payment service available in the deposit section on the site.

  • Make Your Pickings

    Make the desired selections from the sports or live tabs and add them to your slip. Remember that there must be at least three legs, not including a Lobby.

  • Specify Your Stake

    Enter the amount of your stake and click the “PLACE A BET” button to confirm your choice.  Follow the settlement in the history of your wagers in the account menu.

Multibetting Rules for the Same Game

A multi on the same game is a special sort of multiple combining singles placed on the same sporting event. Each bookmaker determines the minimum and maximum number of legs, as well as other rules for same-game multibetting.

Sportsbooks rarely offer this option, and 1xBet does not currently provide it either.   

Tips for Using a Multi Bet

1xBet Tips for Using a Multi Bet

If you want your wagers to be worthwhile, place them wisely. Here are a few pointers from our team on maximizing your multis.  

Tip #1

Before placing stakes, reread the paragraphs of this article on how multiples work and get settled. If you still have questions, visit the T&C section of the bookie’s website or ask the support team in the live chat. Your play should be confident and free of misconceptions.   

Tip #2

Research is paramount, whatever type of wagering you choose. Scrutinize the events, including where they take place, who participates, and the teams’ latest statistics.

Tip #3

If you are a beginner, opt for simple and straightforward markets and minimal legs, that is, three or four. Calculate the possible results and wins to ensure you can profit from the multi.    

Tip #4

Try different strategies, be flexible, and look for a middle ground. Combine favorites and underdogs and blend various sports, leagues, and odds in your multiple wagers. 

Tip #5

Check the promotions section carefully to see if there are any bonus offers for multiples. Special deals can boost the odds and earnings or improve the terms and conditions.


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