What does under and over mean in betting?

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If you’re just getting started in the world of sports betting, then you’re likely interested in your options. There’s a lot to uncover: the never-ending list of sports, single and multiple bets, odds and how they work, and other things.

This article will mainly answer the “What is over and under in betting?” question. These wagers are very popular, only moneylines are more popular. Our text aims to explain in detail everything about how they work on 1xBet. We will even provide clear examples. Let’s check it out!

Main Betting Terms: Wagering Glossary Explained

Main Betting Terms: Wagering Glossary Explained 1xBet

There are many things to learn about if you want to get familiar with how betting works. While the majority of them are simple in nature, some are more nuanced. Let’s take a look at some simple terms of wagering.

  • Moneylines. In the most common wagering market, moneylines involve placing bets on one of three possible outcomes: one of two opponents winning or a draw. This simplicity makes moneylines the most popular market, even exceeding over/unders in that matter.
  • Draw no bet. This market is very similar to moneylines in its nature, but one difference changes things significantly. It’s simple: you can’t bet on a game being drawn. So essentially, you’re predicting the win of one of two opponents.
  • Exact Score. This one is also very clear and straightforward: you’re placing a bet on the exact final score of a game. In football, it’s quite clear. For example, if you’re betting on a final result of 2:1, then you will win only in such a case. The number of possible variations makes this type of wager rather risky, so we don’t recommend it to beginners.
  • Multiple wagers. Unlike the three terms we listed above, this doesn’t cover a market but instead focuses on a betting type. Multiple wagers, also called parlays or accumulators, involve placing your predictions on several selections, but they all operate as one bet. This way, you can get even larger winnings, but the risks are also higher. In most situations, losing even one selection means losing the whole bet. The exceptions exist; you can usually find them mentioned or take a look at bonuses that can compensate for your losses.
  • System bets. This betting type is extremely similar to accumulators but usually allows you to lose some selections without getting your whole wager lost. They differ significantly in nature, and there are many subtypes.

These are just a few basic terms that every bettor has to have at least some understanding of. If you want to get into deeper details, there are many things to uncover. For such information, you can check our dedicated article on the matter. So, if you want to learn more about betting terms, check out our glossary.

What’s an Over/Under Bet?

What’s an Over/Under Bet? 1xBet

Over/unders are quite simple, although a bit more complicated than moneylines. The wagers involve placing a prediction on how many points will be accumulated during the game. Or the number of goals scored. But, unlike the “exact score” wagers, you don’t have to make a specific prediction in this case. You only have to guess whether the number of goals or other things will exceed a certain point.

An “over” bet followed by a certain number means that the final score (or anything else, if specified) will exceed the mentioned number. The “under” wager, which is followed by a number, means predicting that the score will be lower than the set amount. We will take a look at more demonstrative examples in a couple of sections later.

How to Place an Over/Under Bet

How to Place an Over/Under Bet 1xBet

There’s nothing complicated about the steps involved in placing an over/under wager on 1xBet. The platform is quite straightforward to use, and over/unders are bets that aren’t difficult in their nature. Let’s check out the steps to go through:

  1. Visit 1xBet. You can either run the app or visit the website from your mobile or desktop device.
  2. Check out the list of existing sports. 1xBet provides plenty of disciplines to place your wagers on, ranging from very popular ones to those that are far from common choices for punters. Pick one you like or prefer betting on.
  3. Take a look at existing markets and hit any “over” or “under” option if you like its odds.
  4. You will see a betslip appear. It will include plenty of information and checkboxes. We won’t go into details about it in this article, but if you’re only planning to place a single over/under bet, you can safely go to the next step.
  5. Check the information and enter your stake. If you’re a new player, ensure the sum isn’t too big and you can afford to lose it.
  6. Place a bet.
  7. All done!

An Over/Under Example

An Over/Under Example 1xBet

Over/unders are rather simple in nature, but sometimes the concept is difficult to grasp without clear examples, especially for total beginners. So, below, we’re going to provide some explanations of the way the bet works. We will explore both the “over” and “under” options.

Let’s start with football. Two opposing teams are playing, and you can place an over/under wager on the game’s total score. This, obviously, means involving the number of goals scored by both teams during the game. If you’re placing an “Over 2.5” wager, you’re essentially betting on the game having a score of 3 or more goals for both teams. If the game has a score of 1:0, your bet will be lost. But a 2:1 result will make you a winner. Of course, over/unders aren’t limited to total scores; it’s possible to place such wagers on halftime results or a number of goals by a single team. But the total score is a default option.

The “under” wagers are the opposite in their nature. For example, if you’re placing an “Under 1.5” bet, you will only win if the total score is 1:0 or 0:0. This seems risky since the majority of football games have a higher total score, but it can still pay off, especially if two equally strong teams are playing. But this type of over/under bet can work in live betting when it’s clear that the total score of a game won’t be a big number. Or, if you’re wagering on halftime results, that’s a completely different matter.


Conclusion 1xBet

The betting world is full of various markets, options, and terms, and understanding all of them at once can become frustrating and overwhelming, especially for those new to the activity. That’s why it’s usually important to have articles explaining everything simply.

We hope that this text of ours achieved its goal: to provide detailed information about over/under wagers, how they work on various platforms, and 1xBet in particular, and to include clear examples of such bets. They might be simple in their nature, but sometimes, certain moments aren’t quite clear to newcomers. As a bonus, we also offered some information about the most popular wagering terms.


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