What is a parlay?

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The betting world can surprise you with a seemingly unlimited number of existing options, markets, functions, and betting types. Exploring all of them in great detail would take an extensive article.

So, this is why our text has one sole goal: to provide information about parlays on 1xBet. This type of wager is trendy despite the higher risks and some other downsides. So, in this text, we plan to find what makes it attractive and how it works. Let’s start.

Betting Glossary: Main Terms

Betting Glossary: Main Terms 1xBet

As we have already stated, there are many things in the betting world. They can confuse you and overwhelm you, so having an easily accessible glossary can go a long way. Below are some quick examples of betting terms you can encounter even if you just started wagering.

Moneyline. Also called 1×2, these wagers are the simplest betting market out there, and that’s precisely what makes them very popular. There’s nothing much to explain: you’re placing a prediction on either team 1 or 2 (or player 1 or 2) winning. Alternatively, you can place your wager on a draw (X). And that’s all. There are no nuances or caveats; the market works in a shockingly straightforward manner. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to predict the outcome.

Handicap. Imagine a game where one team or player is much stronger than its opponent. Or at least that’s what the crowd and bookmakers think. The outcomes of such matches are usually easy to predict, but sometimes, betting platforms make things much more interesting. Welcome to the world of handicaps: these markets mean that one of the teams has an artificial virtual disadvantage that they have to overcome. For example, a stronger one has to score two goals just to get the game to a 0:0 score. It can balance things and make the results much more enjoyable.

Single bets. While our article will focus on parlays or multiple wagers, singles still remain to be the most popular betting type. They’re simple, less risky, and easy to understand. They mean placing a wager on one selection for one market and one event. The returns are also easy to calculate: just multiply the stake by the odds.

Of course, the list above is far from complete. If you want to learn more about existing betting terms and their explanations, you can check out our article dedicated to making a complete betting glossary. It will explain the main 1xBet betting terms and their meaning in greater detail.

What Is Parlay?

What Is Parlay? 1xBet

So, what is a parlay? Here’s your answer: parlay or multiple wagers, also called accumulator or express bet, is a wagering type that involves placing several selections into one prediction. Those may or may not cover multiple events. Parlays can provide much larger returns, but this comes at a higher risk. The main caveat is that if one selection loses, then so will the whole wager. There are exceptions since sometimes additional bonuses allow you to lose more than one selection safely.

How to Make a Parlay on 1xBet

The process of placing parlays on 1xBet is highly intuitive. There are just a few steps, and they are easy to follow. Let’s take a quick run through them:

  1. Go to 1xBet. You can visit the platform from your mobile device or PC.
  2. Sign in by entering your credentials.
  3. Find the list of sports to bet on and the discipline you plan to get involved with.
  4. After picking the sport, evaluate existing events and betting markets, and click on the odds.
  5. A betslip will appear that will include your selection.
  6. Go through steps 3 and 4 again, and add more selections to your betslip.
  7. Enter the stake and take a look at your possible returns. Calculating them for multiple bets is more difficult, so having this information can be quite useful.
  8. Place a wager. Or alternatively, book it and save your code.
  9. All done.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about the process. It’s similar to placing singles but with a couple of additional steps.

A Parlay Example

A Parlay Example 1xBet

While the concept of a multiple bet isn’t something exactly tricky to grasp, having a clear example will make things much easier to understand. Let’s check out how a typical parlay can look.

The accumulator we will mention includes four selections, each placed on a different event:

  1. A simple money line on a football match. It consists of betting on a draw.
  2. An over/under bet on another football match, including wagering on the fact that the game’s final score will have more than 2.5 goals. Yes, it’s an “Over 2.5” wager.
  3. A “Draw no Bet” wager on a tennis game.
  4. And another money line on a volleyball game.

Yes, all of these four selections work as one bet. And if even one of them ends up losing, then the whole game will be lost unless, of course, some additional bonuses state otherwise.

Risks and Advantages

Risks and Advantages 1xBet

As we already mentioned, parlays come with additional risks, but some things can make up for that. In the table below, we will provide information on the pros and cons of multiple wagers. Let’s check it out.

  • Your winnings will be higher compared to several single bets with the same selections
  • More thrilling
  • Despite being high risk, there are certain risk-reducing tactics, for example, combining a parlay of several low-odds selections
  • Additional bonuses might include accumulating boosts, or you are receiving your returns even if one of the selections loses
  • If one selection loses, then so will the whole bet, making parlay riskier compared to single bets
  • If your parlay consists of a long list of selections, then the risks get even higher

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of advantages, and risk-reducing strategies can compensate for a lower level of safety. Nevertheless, the risks aren’t something to gloss over, so we’d recommend avoiding parlays as a newcomer and not making them a regular part of your long-term betting strategy.


Conclusion 1xBet

If you get bored with placing single bets, are looking for more thrills, higher returns, or plan to take advantage of accumulator bonuses, then multiple bets or parlays are right up your alley. While this type of wager is riskier than singles, it tends to be fun and can provide impressive winnings.

But of course, you have to know what you’re doing, so we don’t recommend parlays for complete beginners. But if you want to become familiar with them, our article covers them. We provided plenty of information on how parlay works, what it can offer to users, its downsides, and its advantages. We included examples of parlays you can find on 1xBet and even covered other betting terms.


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