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The 1xBet jackpot is one of the well-liked incentives offered by 1xBet Uganda. Users have a chance to win a sizable sum of money by correctly predicting the results of numerous events, such as football, basketball, hockey, e-FIFA, and other eSports games.

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In this article, we will guide you through all the details and tips for hitting the jackpot on 1xBet.

1xBet Jackpot Tips 

  • Avoid placing emotional bets. You may be tempted to wager on the teams you support to win while putting your bets. However, if you are placing your bets based on your emotions, you will undoubtedly lose your money.
  • Do your research. Examine the team of your choice before placing a bet. Check out their head-to-head records and keep an eye on their current form. While luck may occasionally play a part in winning bets, betting based on statistics increases your chances of success.
  • Know the betting market. If you don’t understand a game, don’t wager on it. Read expert reviews and search for the stats.

How to Predict Outcomes for 1xBet Jackpot

A fresh round of Toto is played every day.

  1. Make your prediction.
  2. Confirm your free Toto prediction by betting on a sporting event prior to the start of the draw. Your forecast must have odds of 2 or more and a minimum stake of EUR 2,3 (around UGX 9,200) to be confirmed.
  3. Wait for the daily Toto draw.

Other Bonuses on 1xBet 

Other Bonuses on 1xBet

1xBet offers a great selection of bonuses for its new and seasoned bettors, including a well-loved 1xBet registration bonus. However, in this review, we will go through the jackpot deals.

1XBet Toto Jackpot

Toto is a game where players wager on whether a certain number of predetermined matches will end in a home win, draw, or away win. Alternatively, they can guess the correct final score. Before the game starts, players make contributions to the Toto pool, which 1xBet creates from the total amount of bets. Following the end of all games, 1xBet distributes the Toto prize pool among all the winners.

The Toto bet slip represents the results as follows:

  • 1 for Home Win 
  • 2 for Away Win 
  • X for Draw

1XBet Toto Free Jackpot

The Toto Free is a daily wagering game that mixes the top sporting events. To participate, bettors must add their predictions for the results of 12 pre-selected events. Bonus points are awarded when participants correctly predict the outcomes of 8 to 12 events; these points will be credited to their promo code store accounts within an hour upon the conclusion of the last match. Before the pull begins, players must place a wager on a sporting event to validate the free prediction. Only one prediction per player per day can be taken into consideration, and the awarded bonus points depend on how many events were accurately predicted.

1XBet Toto Football Jackpot

Toto Football is a pool game where players can wager on 14 different football tournaments. Users have the possibility to win a portion of the prize pool by predicting the results of each match. Users who accurately predict 9 or more matches share the prize money. The deal is deemed invalid, and all wagers will be reimbursed with odds of 1.0 if four or more games are not fulfilled. 

1xBet Jackpot Rules

  • You must be at least 25 years old to take part in the 1xBet Toto offer.
  • Bets are accepted up until the start of the earliest match, except void events.
  • If any event from the match list is deemed canceled, all the outcomes for such an event are considered won.
  • The prize amount is not raffled off and rises with each subsequent drawing until a bettor correctly predicts the outcome of all the events.
  • The prize fund amount varies from one day to another.

1xBet Jackpot Payout

Jackpot payments are made upon verification of personal information and bank account details. Account holders must have names that exactly match those on their identification documents. Following receipt, examination, and registration of all required documents, the bookie undertakes to transfer the prize to your account within 30 calendar days.

Why is 1xBet Toto so Popular?

1xBet Toto is a promo offer that allows you to win a load of money without investing anything. Plus, the oddsmakers select the most popular and well-liked games to take part in the Toto draw.


Aside from other promo deals, 1xBet offers a range of jackpot options to its Ugandan users. Players can win enormous sums of money by correctly predicting the outcomes of a set number of events. Basically, you can win big by investing a wink. No wonder 1xBet jackpots are super popular with Ugandan punters. In this review, we shared all the pros and cons of 1xBet jackpot offers. 

Use the tips above to hit one of those jackpots!


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