1xBet Virtuals

1xBet Virtuals

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Online betting is becoming less complicated and more diverse. Many bookmakers have introduced innovative features to make it so. One of the real game changers is virtual betting. 1xBet follows the trends and offers the largest collection of such sports. The following article discusses the types of virtual betting at 1xBet, which sports are available in simulations, and how to play such games.

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About 1xBet 

About 1xBet 

The beauty of modern betting is that everything depends on your luck and preparation. 1xBet supports such a statement by offering a high-quality betting experience with a complex range of options for your strategies, a first-class sportsbook with real and virtual games, generous promotions, and an impressive number of other games. 1xBet is licensed by the Ugandan Betting Commission, so players can easily open an account and start betting. See our review for more details on betting at the 1xBet website

Virtual Sports Betting at 1xBet 

Many virtual betting enthusiasts consider 1xBet to be one of the best platforms because there are a lot of such betting categories, including LEAP, 1×2 virtuals, DS, and others. Such a variety brings an exclusive experience for lovers of fast and exceptional sports betting. Let us see the difference between them. 

  • LEAP. 
  • 1×2 Virtuals by 1x2Gaming. 
  • Virtual Generation. 
  • Digital Sport by DS Virtual Gaming. Experience the best real-time on-screen betting with DS. It offers an excellent selection of HD simulations of sports games, horse racing, karting, and even roulette. Even though all events are based on RNG and computerized, players would feel as if they were watching real competition. 

Virtual Sports by LEAP 

Virtual Sports by LEAP 1xbet

1xBet has a great collection of virtual games provided by LEAP. It includes 16 titles of different genres, including races, football, horses, golf, greyhounds, tennis, etc. All sports are presented in the form of cups or just famous tournaments. As a result, you will become a witness to world-famous football clubs, famous racing teams, or tennis players. 

Football League 

Football games produced by LEAP are based on the latest AI technologies, HD animation, and fair RNG systems. As football is one of the most popular games in the industry, it gets a lot of attention from well-known providers. It has several football leagues and genres, such as Football Streak Champions, Football Cup World, Football Penalty Duel. 

Horse Racings 

LEAP is one of the leading providers of virtual horse racing. At 1xBet, if you want to bet on horses, you should find the LEAP section and then click on Horses Streak. Cutting-edge technologies bring the feeling of being at the racetrack with quality horses competing with each other.

Greyhound Racing 

Greyhound Streak is a highly desired destination for all bettors, offering an excellent racetrack and your favorite dogs. You can have a great time predicting which greyhound will take the lead and place some good bets. The race consists of 6 runners, which is a solid number compared to other virtual gaming studios. 

Tennis and Golf 

Although tennis and golf are less popular, LEAP has developed such games with beautiful graphics and an incredible selection of betting markets. Golf lovers can find the names of professional players, and their characters are state-of-the-art. You will not see any other virtual golf with such gorgeous simulations. 


The Virtuals section is also called Instant Games. That is because the simulation of a race or game takes much less time. For example, motor racing can take hours. But at LEAP, you can enjoy the NASCAR streak and bet on famous drivers 24/7. In addition, you can bet on several different races within 10 minutes. 

1x2Gaming Virtuals 

1x2Gaming Virtuals 1xBet

A large part of the virtual football belongs to the 1x2Gaming studio. Some people say that 1x2Gaming invented the genre of simulated football games. The reason for this is four big programs that bring everything you want in terms of betting on virtual football matches of famous leagues. 

  • Virtual Football Pro; 
  • Virtual Cup;
  • Virtual Challenge Cup;
  • Virtual Euro Trophy.


Since 1x2Gaming is focused on football, there are only football teams and leagues. That is why it’s the perfect place for football betting enthusiasts who value the latest game developments and excellent graphics, a wide range of betting markets, and a large selection of games. The four games mentioned above are all at your disposal. Punters can have a pleasant time in any of these games, depending on their football preferences. 

Virtual Generations Titles 

If you want to access the most realistic and fun betting on virtuals, open 1xBet and find the page with titles from the VG provider. Their RNGs are certified, all parameters can be personalized, and punters can bet on different sports. All in all, there are countless number of sports based on real and computer events. 

Horse Racings 

Here, you can expect numerous betting options for horse racing, including exacta, under/over, box quinella, standout exacta, trifecta, and others. In the race, the bettor can choose between 6 horses and watch the race in full HD. Also, the VG provider allows you to be on up to 10 scheduled races. 


Full HD greyhound racing provided by VG gaming studio is available at 1xBet. There are similar betting markets for virtual horse races and a similar number of runners 6. It also features customizable settings for payouts depending on odds, dogs, number of selections, etc.

How to Play Virtuals at 1xBet 

How to Play Virtuals at 1xBet 

When it comes to playing simulated games, make sure you understand their main mechanics. All of them are not real and are based on RNG. RNG is a random number generator system with extremely complex mechanisms and algorithms for triggering the outcome. However, you do not need to explore how it all works from the program side. You just need to know where to find such games and how to start them. 

  • Open 1xBet and Create an Account

    The idea is to register at 1xBet. For that, open the official 1xBet website and press the “registration” button. Input your personal information, including your name, phone number, and email, and pick the bonus.

  • Enter the “Virtuals” Section

    Go to 1xBet and log in, entering your username/phone number and password. You will see your account details and balance once you log in. Top up your balance using any preferred option, and click on the “Virtual Sports” button.

  • Choose the Provider

    We have listed the available providers for you to choose from above. Each of them offers different virtual sports. Click on the logo and select the game from the pop-up window. Click on “Play”. If it loads, you are doing it correctly. If not, check whether you are authorized to play.


Conclusion 1xBet

As you can see, the world of virtual games is diverse. Football, horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, tennis, motorsports, cycling, and many other sports are available. All of them come with impressive betting options and fair odds. Although they are based on RNG, they take into account the advantages of teams and players and calculate the odds. 


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